Script calculates MYSQL maximum possible memory usage
© Juris Valdovskis
Total used memory: 0 by server + 0 threads * 0 per thread = 0
Variable Value Description Range
Serwer wide memory
tmp_table_size The maximum size of internal in-memory temporary tables. 1024-4294967295
max_heap_table_size This variable sets the maximum size to which MEMORY tables are allowed to grow. 16384-4294967295
key_buffer_size Index blocks for MyISAM tables are buffered and are shared by all threads. 8-4294967295 (32bit) 8-OS_PER_PROCESS_LIMIT (64bit)
innodb_buffer_pool_size The size in bytes of the memory buffer InnoDB uses to cache data and indexes of its tables. 1048576-4294967295
innodb_additional_mem_pool_size The size in bytes of a memory pool InnoDB uses to store data dictionary information and other internal data structures. 524288-4294967295
innodb_log_buffer_size The size in bytes of the buffer that InnoDB uses to write to the log files on disk. 1048576-4294967295
query_cache_size The amount of memory allocated for caching query results. 0-18446744073709547520
Per thread memory
max_connections The number of simultaneous client connections allowed. 1-100000
read_buffer_size Each thread that does a sequential scan allocates a buffer of this size (in bytes) for each table it scans. 8200-2147479552
read_rnd_buffer_size When reading rows in sorted order following a key-sorting operation, the rows are read through this buffer to avoid disk seeks. 8200-4294967295
sort_buffer_size Each thread that needs to do a sort allocates a buffer of this size. 0-4294967295 (32bit) 0-18446744073709547520 (64bit)
thread_stack The stack size for each thread. 131072-4294967295 (32bit) 131072-18446744073709547520 (64bit)
join_buffer_size The size of the buffer that is used for plain index scans, range index scans, and joins that do not use indexes and thus perform full table scans. 32bit <4GB

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